What You Need

Don't worry if you have none or only a few of the following items as we will have some in our workshop that you can use for the beginners course but you will need to buy them eventually especially for practicing and making at home.

  • Your own sewing machine in good working order, or use a Janome machine for free – please mention this on booking.
  • A note book and pen to take notes is always useful.


  • A small pair of embroidery scissors with narrow pointed blades. Use them for snipping button holes and trimming threads.
  • A pair of medium general purpose or paper scissors for cutting out patterns.
  • Dressmakers scissors for cutting out fabric, never use on paper!
  • Pinking shears are useful but not essential.


    A mixed packet of needles which should include:
  • Medium length sharps with small round eyes for general stitching and tacking
  • Crewel needles have a long narrow eye traditionally used for embroidery but easier to thread
  • A large blunt tapestry needle useful for threading cords and elastic

    Miscellaneous items:

  • Glass or plastic headed pins are best to use (just incase they fall on the floor) and they are easier to see against the fabric. A container or pin cushion for your pins.
  • A metal thimble
  • A tape measure – not an old one as they do tend to stretch.
  • Dress makers chalk
  • An unpicker
  • If you bring your own sewing machine please remember to bring the manual or instruction book for your particular model , a mix packet of sewing machine needles and extra sewing machine bobbins.
  • A pack of squared pattern making paper or a roll of gift wrapping paper to make your own patterns